Sunday, 7 July 2013

So I have a garden

Much as you were all enjoying the radio silence, it has occured to me that I haven't yet told the internetz about my new(ish) patch. Here it is:

Yes, I have a back garden! This is exciting. I can use it for sitting in, I can dig things, and since we discovered sunshine today I actually got to have a mini-BBQ.

Most importantly though, it means I get to keep a garden list of my very own.

I haven't actually been keeping a garden list, because that would involve being organised and writing things down, but I have been keeping a semi-formal list in my head, which features such marvels as Song Thrush and Skylark (yes, Skylark. Added on song, drifting across from the farm just over the back. Never thought I'd get that on a garden list in Romford).

It's taken some effort even to get it into the shape you see above, but I have [significant pause] plans for it. Many of them outlandish and stupid, but I think the insect hotel is doable, and maybe getting some kind of fruit bush planted to try and attract some Turdus next year. We won't be re-enacting The Good Life any time soon, but the hour I spent sitting outside this evening baking trout, sipping beer and watching Swifts screaming overhead was thoroughly pleasant, and I look forward to many more of its ilk.

Birds are still very much a part of my life - I still make a point of chasing down things I don't recognise by song and I still see the common stuff everywhere - it's just actual birdwatching trips that are in short supply, hence no posts. But in three weeks or so that is likely to change.

If I don't fill at least three memory cards I'm going to be disappointed.