Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I was originally going to write this in the style of a small child, but Blogger doesn't give Comic Sans as an option which took most of the fun out of it.

For my birthday last year my girlfriend's parents bought me a Bird of Prey experience at the English School of Falconry, which was a rather cool present. Naturally I booked my day for March time thinking it would be Spring. Silly me.  Still, a day outdoors is a day outdoors.

Gilly, the Peregrine Falcon. Want one.

I opted for the 'bows and birds' split package which, in hindsight, was a mistake. My reasoning was that, as a birdwatcher, I string see loads of some a few of birds of prey in the wild and that 3 hours of holding them might get a bit repetitive. Turns out archery without finger and wrist guards in the freezing wind gets unappealing very quickly. Also, an hour and a half holding and flying raptors feels like 20 minutes.

I started to hate myself about halfway through editing this, but once I came up with the name
'REOwl Speedwagon' I couldn't stop myself. I'm sorry. 

If nothing else though, the day confirmed what I already knew. I bloody love Kestrels. They had a Juvenile called Morgan who still hadn't come into his/her full plumage and it was extremely cute. So delicate compared to the big fat owl. 

Morgan, the Kestrel. Want one.

This can only end with me building an aviary.

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