Monday, 10 September 2012

The 'p4rus honeymoon challenge'

For those that don't know, p4rus flew out to Italy today on honeymoon. The birders at Rainham have already done sterling work by finding a Baillon's Crake the day before his wedding and leaving him unable to twitch it, but I would ask more.

My final duty as p4rus's best man is to implore all of you - go to Rainham, Grays, Tilbury and the surrounding areas, and find as many rarities as you can. With any luck his new wife will have embargoed all bird news until their return (under pain of further, more excruciating pain), so he'll step happily back into the country only to find there was a Greater Yellowlegs or a Sociable Plover or something just down the road while he was gone.

Bonus points if you see it in a location that can be overlooked by the window of his flat.


  1. I've been following his blog for a while now and when news of the Baillons came out he was the first person I thought of followed by an evil laugh, I do feel a little sympathy also though :D