Monday, 23 July 2012

Homecoming. Sort of.

I'm working back in Aldgate, and that means once again I have the north bank Tower Bridge patch. Once I had time to get over the initial British terror of that big fiery orb in the sky I went and took my first 'proper' walk round since starting the new job.

On the one hand this was a massive success. Visiting somewhere you used to list and starting from scratch is a really motivational way to track your progress as a birdwatcher. When I figure out the pages nonsense I'll start up a separate patch list on the blog, but I picked up more in one wander round St' Katherine's dock than I got in the first month of watching Tower Bridge when I started here three or four years ago.

On the other hand, nothing I saw was new to the patch, so I'll likely hit the ceiling a lot quicker this time round. Back to processing flocks of Black Headed Gulls looking for Meds before too long then.

I say nothing was new. None of the BIRDS were new. This was new:

My dragonfly book hasn't made the journey to the new flat yet so ID is pending, but this is my first Tower Bridge dragonfly. If I tell you that this picture was taken with the macro mode on my phone camera, you'll get an idea of just how obliging he was.

This was also new, if an extremely retro sort of way. I have no idea why it's there, but I like boats without engines and it's rather cool.

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