Sunday, 29 April 2012

Break and a revamp. And some Mallards.

Woo, new interface. I must have been gone a while. That'll go nicely with the shiny new template.

I'm still getting out and seeing birds, though nowhere near as much as I'd like, but stopped writing about it for a while. The bug has started to infect me again though so I'm giving the old blag a dust off.

Two work patch ticks in a single week may have had something to do with this. The green bit next to Spitalfield has acquired a feeder and a Greenfinch, in that order. Whether it'll hang around once the drought stops pouring down I don't know, but exciting times for me.

Prize for most unexpected tick ever goes to these:

There are 3, 2 males and a female. Not seen them for the last few days, but they hung around for a good week or so. Just goes to show you can never give up hope with the old urban birding. Tufted Puffin could be dropping in any day now.

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