Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I aten't dead - part deux + new work patch

Did I mention that blogging might be a bit sporadic over the next few months? Probably not. The reasons are threefold:
  • I am getting married in September. Organising this sucks up hours that would have been used for both blogging and birding.
  • I have started a new job, where I have to work a bit harder than I did at the old one and the patch isn't as productive (though it has thrown up a surprise or two).
  • I am trying to fit in some NEW and HEALTHY activities that burn a few more calories than your average after-work birdwatching walk. Birdwatching is difficult when you're running round the streets with earphones plugged in and trying not to die. It also makes photography tricky.
But I think we're overdue a quick tour of the new work patch.

I'm just in front of Old Spitalfield Market, and amazingly I have quite a few trees and bushes sitting right outside the back of my building. for the first few weeks I even had a window seat which gave some fantastic views of a couple of Blue Tits gathering food from under the leaves (must be nesting somewhere nearby). Nothing that's really big enough for drop-in warblers, but regular Wood Pigeons and Blackbirds and the odd vagrant tit turns up.

The view to the North.

And the view to the South. Yay you can see the giant phallus.

Pretty flowers.

The real treat was discovered during a fire alarm in the second week. My gather point when we evacuate is here:

Which, when it's not full of evacuees, looks like this:

Warning: Photo may have been offensively oversaturated to emphasise the sheer amount of green.

Look at it! Trees, loads of bushes, benches for sitting on while you enjoy the trees and bushes, amazing. I'd added Wren to the patch list without even trying within about 10 seconds of turning up. If I was a Blackcap flying over Liverpool Street I'd be thinking "WTF? That looks awesome!" and making a beeline for it.

Anyway, I've got some high hopes for this patch during spring time if I manage to get out and watch it for a decent amount of time. If we get a decent fall in London, I'm in with a fighting chance.

These things scare me slightly though.