Thursday, 14 July 2011

On the banality of Birdforum and the ticking of Twitchers

One of the very few advantages of not having any time for serious birding is that misidentified megas suddenly become much less important. I wouldn't have got there anyway, and having misidentified plenty in my time I find it difficult to get excited.

Birdforum apparently doesn't have that problem.

I think if I was talking to someone new who was thinking of getting into the hobby, I would have to advise them to avoid the place, because it's far more likely to drive them away than fuel their interest. My experience has been that the blogging community is, as a rule, a much friendlier place to start out. Which is a shame, because a good community forum would be invaluable to the hobby. Maybe with some kind of rule banning all traces of ego.


Anyway, while I haven't been having huge amounts of success on the bird front lately, I did manage to tick Tom Mckinney near Spitalfield Market in his altar-ego as a Guitarist and musician (the two are not necessarily always the same thing).

You will also note that in the background there is a goat on a box. This is not relevant.

Since I have no recent pictures of birds, have some Electric Counterpoint instead. Special thanks should also go to Steve Reich for writing it, and foul language to Gibson for making the SG very nice but far too expensive.