Monday, 16 May 2011

I am a Dorset convert - Day 2, Friday 13th May

Friday was a good day. It involved cameras, Lepidoptera and Puffins.

We took a long walk along Nine Barrow Down to Corfe Castle, encountering many interesting and varied butterfly species, along with a very showy Stonechat (is there any other kind) and some fairly certain Raven silhouettes.

Day flying moth - Cinnabar.

Not sure what moth species this is yet, but it's out for question. I reckon some kind of Heath. Answers in the comments if you've got them please.

Adonis Blue - National scarcity, but locally abundant. This is a female.

My first ever Green Hairstreak! One of the few shots that didn't over-expose and wash out the colours.

Looked like a Raven. Sounded like a Raven. Probably was a Raven.


Just when you thought photo opportunities didn't get any better, a Skylark took pity on my attempts at getting it in flight and landed on a bush on the downs. This is really quite unusual, and definitely warrants a blurry photo of its own.

Naturally, folllowing the 4 mile walk we rehydrated with a pint and refuelled with pub grub. If you go to the Greyhound Inn in Corfe be sure they get your order right, because of the 4 people in our group 3 were served the wrong main. On the plus side, the Jackdaws were entertaining, and we had an awesome Blackbird picking around the leftovers of the other diners.

Theeze are not the fudz u r looking for. Leeve them for uz.

Haz nom?

After heading back to Swanage via some non-bird related steam train adventures, Friday evening was boat trip evening, and yet another life tick. It was the very last bird we found, but eventually we bagged ourselves a Puffin.

While Day 3 was fun, not much bird-related was captured on film, though we did spend a fair few hours chasing a Wheatear around Portland Bill (which turned out to be about 4 Wheatears) but that was it for birds.

Bascally, what I've taken out of this weekend is that it's really worth doing a few trips out to see something different. I've been a jaded inland birder for most of this year, and seawatching has been a bit like balm. If I can fit it in maybe Dungeness is on the cards in the next few weeks.

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  1. Your green hairstreak is much better than mine. Glad you liked Dorset, always a bit weird taking friends to see somewhere you love.