Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring weather, no birds.

Yesterday was too nice a day to spend the whole of it indoors, so I wandered over to Rainham for some spring migrant goodness. Fat chance. Lots of gulls (LOTS of gulls), lots of common British birds (nice views of a Dunnock in the Cordite store) and absolutely no Wheatears, Sand Martins or Little Ringed Plovers.

However, while traversing the Northern Boardwalk I laid eyes on my first ever Water Rail. It's on the life list because I've heard them before and they're pretty unmistakable, but yesterday I caught a glimpse of a brownish streaked back attached to a bright red bill climbing under a big pile of reeds. Tried to follow it, but no further showings. Still, w00t.

The birds were outclassed yesterday by the sheer pleasantness of the walk. How long has it been since it was warm enough to go for a stroll in thin sleeves on a Saturday and not worry about rain cutting short your exercise? Rainham was looking particularly stunning in the sun. And I got a tea and a sausage sandwich. Win.

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