Sunday, 13 March 2011

Flying visit

Managed to drag my mum out for a quick three quarters of an hour round Rainham yesterday on the way back from the roundabout-fest which is Thurrock retail park - clockwise through the reeds and then up onto the seawall and back to the visitor's centre. On the one hand it was a bit disappointing as the visitor book was promising quite a bird-heavy day and I didn't have my scope. On the other hand, it was nice to have a reason to stop and look at things I'd normally just gloss over (pfft, not another Shoveler...) and I got to be the guide for once rather than the guided.

The one and only highlight, apart from a pleasant walk round a nice green space, was catching a Skylark descending from its song flight and into one of the fields. I like Skylarks.

So after several months away, that's two Rainham visits on consecutive weekends. Here's hoping for a third next week.

In non-bird news, I started a new job on Friday doing similar-but-not-quite-identical project related things for the same employer. I actually have to wear a suit, rather than the pseudo-smart business casual I got away with in the IT department. But it does mean I've moved away from Tower Bridge, and therefore have officially lost my work patch. Fortunately I hear a fellow birder may be picking up the reins in a few weeks time, so there should still be someone keeping an eye on all the passage waders terns passerines gulls, but you should probably expect local rarities to appear pretty much solidly for the intervening few weeks.

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