Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Butser Hill

Last weekend I went out with the girlfriend and walked up one of the highest points in Hampshire. It is called Butser Hill, and to be honest it really wasn't all that difficult a climb. Bear in mind this is coming from an Essex boy - Speed Bumps get contour lines round these parts.

Still, it means I could lug camera and tripod up there which was a bit of a luxury. Target bird was Buzzard, and while we saw one from a distance cruising round the summit on the thermals, by the time we reached the top it had scarpered.

Not to be put off, we laid out our picnic stuff and were rewarded with a Kestrel hovering and hunting all round us for a good half an hour. Is wasn't a very good Kestrel, given that we saw it go down at least seven or eight times and come back up empty handed, but its loss was my gain. Nothing is quite as addictive as a hovering Kestrel when you've got a DSLR on burst mode. Great views of a criminally underrated bird. I do wish the buzzard had stuck about for a photo though.

View of the A3 from the top of Buster

Apologies for the appalling amount of noise/compression artifacts on the pictures by the way. They're not like that on my hard drive - must be something Blogger's done during the upload.

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