Wednesday, 18 August 2010

How to dip properly

  1. Learn, while inescapably at work, that there is a British scarcity at your local RSPB reserve.
  2. Learn via text message upon arriving home that it is still there.
  3. Pack all gear in the car, including camera as the bird is showing well and very close in places.
  4. Drive the 5 minutes to a fellow birder's house to pick him up.
  5. Get told the bird has been chased off by a Peregrine.
  6. Drive the 5 minutes home.
  7. Sit back in my still-warm armchair.
Much higher quality dipping, I think you'll agree, than wasting all that time driving to the reserve, sifting through a few thousand gulls for an hour hoping to see the bird and driving all the way back again.

I have reached new heights of birding efficiency.

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