Monday, 19 July 2010

Where have all the good gulls gone?

Last week Tower Bridge was collecting black headed gulls after their spring hiatus, and by Friday we must have been up to 40 or so. Today, it was empty again. Very disappointing. I had a wander up and down the walkway but apart from some juv large gulls, 4 Coots and a Cormorant the river was empty. A text from Parus warning me that 3 Meds had been seen heading up-river from Crossness didn't lighten the depression, because today they would have been very easy to spot. Presumably they're all partying out down in East India dock somewhere. Gits.

So other than that, I'd just like to confirm that I am still alive and checking the patch, it's just that time of year. Also, I haven't seen any good moths since that Mullein Wave ages ago (June).

You never know, at some point I may even stick up a couple of photos from Norfolk. Depends how I manage tonight with my other nerdy obsessive hobby.

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