Monday, 7 June 2010

On following my own advice, for once

I wasn't going to mention it, because of that whole 'relevance' thing that I know we all care so much about, but I've started playing with Shuttercal, a photo-a-day style site; the idea being that taking one half decent photo a day will force encourage me to be on the lookout for good subjects and will generally help make my brain more naturally disposed to seeing these things.

The other thing it does is give me a reason to carry a half decent camera into work with me, and then take it out as I wander round my little corner of London during my lunch hour. Today, it paid off. Not only did the Grey Heron return for a second helping, the Kestrel made a brief cameo appearance for the first time in a couple of months. It's too late now to hope it'll stay and lay eggs again, but it's nice to know it hasn't forgotten me. So for your delectation, two minor Tower Bridge scarcities, courtesy of Mr Kodak. Mr Pentax will have to wait his turn.

In conclusion: I am learning from my mistakes and, following yesterday's lesson, I am carrying a camera with me whenever I go anywhere remotely interesting from now on. Mostly. Probably.

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  1. Keep taking those walks and thanks for taking the camera (and me) along.