Saturday, 5 June 2010

Oh look, a bandwagon!

It's that time of year folks. Found this little fellow on the bathroom door this morning, and blocked the landing for 5 minutes while I tried to get a decent shot. I attempted a couple from the hand, but the size of the moth + the low light forced me to resort to tripod. My family looked a bit confused; as, I suppose, they should.

I reckon it's a Mullein Wave, Scopula marginepunctata, which is apparently "Locally abundant in urban parts of the London area". Like here.

I'm not quite at the buying a moth trap and getting up at 5 in the morning stage yet, but don't be surprised to find Lepidoptera making a few more guest appearances before the slow season is out.

In bird news, I've had young brown Starlings all over the garden this morning, along with some young looking House Sparrows. This makes me happy.

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