Monday, 17 May 2010

Tower Sparrows

Apologies to those followers of my Twitter feed who have already had the news, but this is exciting. For the first time this year, I finally caught sight of a FEMALE House Sparrow on the Tower Bridge patch. This was shortly followed by two separate Male House Sparrows independently picking up lumps of foodstuffs in their bills and flying high up the gatehouse wall with them before disappearing round the far side.

I've been holding my breath for the last few weeks waiting for something like this, and it hasn't disappointed. Evidence of breeding Sparrows in Central London is not to be sniffed at, and as I understand it Tower Bridge is a bit unusual in having such a (relatively) large Spring population. I am rather pleased.

Of course every silver lining has a cloud. No sign of 'my' Tower Kestrel this year, and this is leaving it a bit late even for Kestrels. I think perhaps I'll just have to accept they're not coming back to the same nesting site this time round. Hope they're doing well wherever they've ended up.

Other sightings today - a few very smart looking adult Herring Gulls, a Blue/Great Tit (too far and fast to be sure which) and a solitary Coot, along with the usual Lessers and Starlings. There might have been more, but I really did spend an inordinate amount of time watching those Sparrows. Still grinning :-)

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  1. 2 patch ticks today - 2 cormorants over early doors and a pair of great tits for about 20 minutes in the afternoon. God knows where they're breeding...