Thursday, 13 May 2010

One more for the Tower

Yes I crossed the river and bagged that lovely singing Reed Warbler next to City Hall, despite interference from a woman chasing it up and down the hedge and a dogwalker with his dog off the lead. I even saw it distantly a few times, though not well enough to see any salient features. Not to worry, I got a very good earful of song and am confident about the ID. That's 32 for the Tower Bridge patch this year, and the first bird I've had to go sarf' of the the river for. Exciting.

Also saw the first Black Headed gull on patch since they all went coastwards. It was clearly young with brownish wing feathers and a terminal tail band, but didn't look like one of this year's hatchlings. Hopefully it won't be long before they're all back and I can get back to some proper patch birdwatching i.e. Med sifting.

Still loads of singing House Sparrows about, but strangely still no females on patch. I see dozens round Hornchurch way. Distinctly odd.

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  1. Weird about your sparrows... I'm seeing plenty of females over my way, and chicks are popping up everywhere :)
    Had 2 Black-headed Gulls flying along the river recently, took me rather by surprise...