Saturday, 15 May 2010

At last

First bird ever to grace the Window Feeder this morning, and fortunately I was there to see it. I take back every bad word I have ever uttered about Starlings.

Fortunately for you lucky readers I also had time to very slowly reach for my phone, activate the camera, switch the camera off by mistake, reactivate the camera, forget where the video setting was, find the video setting, realise the camera was already set to video after all, depress the shutter release and just capture the bird's arse as it promptly turned around flew off.

Hopefully this means the floodgates are now open and my window will be filled with Siskins, Bullfinches, Marsh Tits and other such dross. Or a Sparrow. A Sparrow would be nice. Anyway, enough prevarication. Video!


  1. Excellent! I keep on forgetting to ask about your window feeder. Funnily enough starlings were a very late addition to mine, but, now, are a real PITA (love them really). I dread the moment the youngsters from a few doors away are going to fledge...
    Could do with a sparrow too but the ones that were not far for a few days this week have moved on it seems :(

  2. Nothing's turned up on there since yesterday's Starling, but I think the fat ball is a good strategy. The birds are demolishing all the fat cakes at the far end of the garden, so hopefully they'll be willing to come a bit closer to the house for more.