Monday, 19 April 2010

Target broken. New target needed

It's been looming for a while now, but a lone Robin today put me at 31 for the year at Tower Bridge, grinding into the dust of insignificance the paltry end-of-year total of 30 from 2009. And I haven't even seen Mute Swan/Canada Goose yet. The only birds I saw last year that I'm not confident of picking up this year are Yellow-Legged Gull and Stock Dove.

Yellow Legged Gull I got a photo of and then ID'd once back at home with my field guides. I mainly called it as Yellow Legged because I was brand new to the hobby and wasn't aware of how difficult they actually were. Turned out I was lucky on that one, and the photo has stood up to Birdforuming.

As to Stock Dove, I'm fairly sure with hindsight that through ignorance and inexperience that was actually a Feral Pigeon with bluer than normal undersides to its primaries.

And we don't mention the Bankside Peregrine, reluctantly removed from the list for the final count-up. That really would be cheating.

So from here on it's all unexplored territory. Sadly, this is very exciting stuff.

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