Friday, 16 April 2010

Sheer bloody altruism

Not that I want to make it even harder to win (and not that I'll be reaching the knockout stages anyway) but I was made aware of something today through the marvellous medium of Twitter about which I feel compelled to spread the word.

That thing is the International Garden Photographer Competition run by Kew gardens. I know that, like me, there are some great photographers owners of overly expensive cameras who read this blog who tend to hang around in places where there are flowers and might be interested in producing some plant porn for the nice botonists at Kew to get excited by. I'm almost certainly going to have a go, because it would be beyond cool to come in the final 100 and you never know until you try and it will help justify in my brain the silly money I paid for my DSLR if I try to win some cash with it.

So being the philanthropist I am, I have put the news out. Consider this fair notice. The competition runs until November, so plenty of time.


  1. I refuse to believe that the Magnolia photo on the link was taken in the garden.

  2. I also am suspicious as to its providence. Also photoshop is allowed, so I stand an ash cloud's chance in Europe of getting anywhere. BUT, your £10 entry fee gets you professional feedback on your photos at the end of the contest if you want it. I'd pay a tenner just for that probably.