Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Kew Gardens and Rock and Roll

Spent a(n extra) long weekend with the girlfriend over easter, half at hers half at mine. This meant we got out to Waggoners Wells in Hampshire on Friday afternoon and I got superb views of 2 Nuthatch which were duly added to the year list. Those tricky devils had a go at confusing me by skittering up tree trunks instead of legging it down them headfirst, but it wasn't enough. When will birds sort it out and learn to act according to their identifying jizz? I could have called them as Treecreepers and then where would we be!? One year tick less that's where.

Yesterday afternoon I was acting as Tour Guide in London, so we toddled over to Kew Gardens which the missus has always wanted to have a look round. I am honestly trying to learn a bit about trees and wildflowers as part of becoming a more rounded naturalist rather than a bird identification machine, but the sheer number of greenish things just made my brain melt and I ended up year-ticking some (admittedly rather green) Ring Necked Parakeets instead.

We finished up by heading across London to Shepherds Bush to twitch endemic Scottish bird Amy Macdonald. As you'd expect, she was very confiding with a stunning singing voice. Awesome gig by one of my favourite currently-touring artists. She is cute and talented and successful and, irritatingly, still much younger than me.

Actually the Empire itself is a great little venue, and if you fancy getting there early and proleing it up you can stand right up close to the stage with no trouble at all. Back there next month to see Metric (don't judge me) and there's plenty of other good stuff that I'm extremely tempted by. We complain occasionally, but I do love having London on the doorstep.

Go watch her, she is amazing


  1. You mean you had not seen a ring-necked parakeet yet this year!?!

  2. I saw a couple in South Essex last year, but generally they're not too common round here. I have never seen anything approaching a Ring-Neck at Tower Bridge.

    First visit to West London this year and I saw a flock of about a dozen.

  3. I know, they're so ubiquitous round here, it's hard to imagine them not being so elsewhere :)