Monday, 12 April 2010

Exciting is a relative term

Hung around the 'Blackcap Bush' (as it shall henceforth be known) for about 15 minutes today but no joy. Not even a Blackbird. Can't say I was expecting migrant warblers to throw themselves out in front of me, but a Wren might have been nice. Anyway, it wasn't to be.

HOWEVER, excitement also takes other forms. I saw a female Mallard with 5 ducklings trailing after her in St. Katherine Docks, and you need a heart of stone to watch ducklings without at least thinking 'Awwwwwww'. I may have vocalised it a bit. And as I was doing that, I heard some Dunnock song. Last time I heard Dunnock song on patch I didn't know what it was, and had to hunt the bird through half a dozen bushes to get an IDable view. This time not only could I identify it on call, I went to look for it and it was sitting out in the open on a tree about 3 feet away. I had to work hard for that patch tick last time, the little sods have stopped trying now. Ah well.

The best bit of my day though was walking back past the Tower of London and finding a flock of just over a dozen House Sparrows doing the equivalent of drinking, fighting and being generally rowdy round the bushes by the main entrance. It's a long time since I had that many on patch. Strangely they all seemed to be male. I'm pathetically hopeful that this might mean that the bushes are full of nesting females who arn't showing themselves, but we'll see about that over the next week or two. It's unlikely.

You would have had a Dunnock but it flew away with unbelievable prescience just as my finger hovered over the capture button, so instead, here's a Navy Cadets tallship that was moored up outside the dock. I like tallships.

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  1. I have noticed the same recently, i.e. seeing mostly male sparrows, and I am hoping the same as you. Though I still see the odd female, e.g. while cycling this morning one was calling at the top of a bush in someone's front garden :)