Friday, 26 March 2010

Slowly slowly catchy er... wagtail

Yes, this week I have added 2 birds to the Tower Bridge year list, and one of those was the always worthy Grey Wagtail. It was one of those 'played-for-and-got' type finds which are always so satisfying. I saw the huge amounts of exposed foreshore and thought 'Right, I'm having you'.

It took a bit of exploring down to the small park area East of the Bridge, somewhere I never usually go, but it's where large amounts of foreshore sits relatively undisturbed by tourists and I just had a feeling I'd see them there. Score. It's taken a few months but I'm now on 29 species for the year on this site - for the purposes of comparison I ended last year on 30 and kept 30 as this year's target. I think that may need to be revised upward.

In absence of a real Wagtail picture, here is an artists impression of the event:

I did feel a bit bad when a guy turned up 3 seconds after I'd scared them off by showing my face over the railing and stood in exactly the same spot, staring hard at the wall where, until 3 seconds earlier, the Wagtails had been sitting. I didn't have the heart to ask him what he was looking for, but I know I'm far from the only patch watcher in this area and I was well outside my usual boundaries.

Still, there's not much I won't do for a patch tick on this site. He'll get over it.

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