Monday, 15 February 2010

Why I love my patch this year

Had a fairly crap weekend all told, so it wasn't a huge surprise when Tower Bridge produced the goods YET AGAIN. Unfortunately this suggests that the wires are getting crossed between my birdwatching karma and my general life karma. There's a dilemma I could do without.

Anyway, 2 Greenfinches in the newly dubbed 'Passerine Tree' outside the Tower of London, with a couple of nearby Goldfinches for good measure. I had them down as probable juveniles due to the generally dull plumage, and this was reinforced by a glance through the field guides once I got home. There was a lightish patch on the folded wings where the wingbar would normally be on at least one of them, along with some definite streaking on the underside (which was what made me look twice initially, or else it would probably be on the record as 'female sparrow'). Once it'd raised its head there was no mistaking that chunky bill. I watched the first one for a good 10/15 minutes, and as I was about to give up it took a short flight further into the tree and landed with the other. Patch tick, w00t!

No doubt this electrifying news will be outshadowed (what an odd word that is...) by the Dusky Warbler found in Walthamstow on Sunday and confirmed today. Such is life in the dog-eat-dog world of birding.


  1. Just found your site by clicking the 'random' button on the fat birder website.

    Well done on you patch tick!

  2. Hah, cheers! Always nice to see a new face in the comments, however transient :-)

  3. Shameless hit-hunting mentioning the dusky warbler... Damn did it again.