Saturday, 13 February 2010

Not quite a patch tick

Quick one today, no pictures unfortunately.

I took a little detour yesterday. I was wandering round the eastern end of St Katherine Dock and saw a covered walkway heading off into some kind of housing estate, so I decided to do some exploring. Found a nice little green space surrounded by small flats and full of mature trees with nothing in it. I then pressed on and not 50 yards further down the road there were two Jays flitting around in the trees. And a Robin.

So one patch tick and one patch-year tick sitting tantalisingly out of patch-ticking range. I was very good. I didn't wave my arms and run at them, trying to scare them over to the patch. I won't say it didn't cross my mind.

I can either be incredibly pleased to see these birds so close and know that they will potentially end up on the patch, or I can be incredibly frustrated that they're so near and yet so far. I haven't decided which yet. Still, a Jay is a welcome bit of colour in the area - St Katherine's is now firmly back on my regular rounds.


  1. ... and this is why patch boundaries should never be set in stone. Or concrete. I don't know what the pavements are made of round there.

  2. If they'd been in that first little green space I'd have been sorely tempted because it really was just off the dock. My conscience won't quite let me take them from down the road.

  3. Get out there a lot next week - they might come closer. Where do you stand on ticking things you've seen from the patch that aren't actually on the patch? Did you ever untick those peregrines?

    ("I stand on the patch, obviously" is not an acceptable answer, and you being you, one I feel I should rule out straight away.)

  4. I've removed the Peregrine from the 'official' list, but it still has a place in my heart.