Tuesday, 2 February 2010

If this is Karma I'm getting scared

Yet another stonking walk round Tower Bridge, and I must be due some ridiculously bad birding luck. Today can be summed up in one small snatch of video:

That small bird in frame is a Dunnock (PATCH TICK), and those pathetic squeaking noises you can hear are my phone's microphone being rubbish and unable to capture its subsong properly. I heard it before I saw it but didn't recognise the song, so spent 10 minutes hunting the little bugger through the bushes. It was worth it though.

Then as if that wasn't special enough, just listen to the last 3 or 4 seconds of video again. A Wren! On my patch! Or at least close enough for me to hear it, so it counts. I only got a very brief glimpse of Wren last year as it hopped out of a bush outside the Tower and then hopped straight back in, so I was dubious about picking it up again this year. No worries. My passer list is only lacking Robin and Grey Wag before I'm level with last year. I only went to St Katherine's for Tufties.

Add to this the Kestrel I saw a couple of weeks ago perched on a window sill on the West face of the Tower and the Tufties I picked up yesterday and you have:

Year list at the Tower so far: 23 (Total for 2009: 30)
Tower life list: 33

3 All time patch ticks already this year, and I'm still missing a couple of 'easy' year ticks (Canada/Greylag Geese, Mute Swans). It's got to start slowing up soon.


  1. Your patch seems far too much like hard work for me. There are dunnocks and wrens in my garden, you're welcome to come see them if you're that desperate :)

  2. Hard work, but rewarding. Or some such rubbish. GIVE ME RAINHAM.

    Sadly it didn't even occur to me until just now that my excitment might be read in an ironic way. I actually meant every word :-(