Monday, 8 February 2010

A disappointing Rainham

I'm feeling distincly uninspired after Saturday at Rainham, so this post will be mercifully short.

We were up and out over Wennington before first light in the hope of getting some Owls for our respective lists. What we mostly got was cold and disillusioned. I picked up quite a few for the year list, but with the exception of the Bean geese that still seem to be hanging around, nothing I wouldn't have got on any other visit. And they were found right at the end of the day's birding. Moral of the story: Don't get up early on Saturdays, it is silly and pointless.

I mean, seriously, we scanned tens of thousands of gulls over the course of the day, and not a single white winger. Not even a Med. At least you can't say we didn't put the effort in.

Still, that's what patch birding's all about. I've had some very good luck at Tower Bridge and Harrow Lodge lately, so I was due some bad. I'm just feeling grumpy because it's Monday evening. It doesn't help that the best photos on my camera from the day out were taken by someone else :-P

Anyway, consolations came in the shape of a flyover Buzzard that dipped and turned above us to perfectly display its underwing plumage. I love it when they do that. The Bean Geese, obviously, which were a life tick for me. And lots of Skylarks doing proper full throated singing overhead, that's always worth a listen. And the Bacon Sandwich was good.

And we beat the Welsh, huzzah!

Have some of the aforementioned photos:

Full photo credits go to Parus for both these rather good pictures.

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