Saturday, 30 January 2010

The wonder of Linux Mint - non birdy

Finally got my new ebay-bought laptop up and running after a multitude of problems, and I'd like to say a few words to my fellow nerdy sorts, and any of those who dabble in other operating systems.

|-|3110 G|_|Y5!!!

This post is a little ode to Linux Mint, a popular fork of Ubuntu. I'd just like to add my voice to the growing number of testimonials. It rocks. It rocks so hard. I've tried a few linux distros in the past (hopped between them near-constantly in fact) and always ended up coming back to PCLinuxOS because, for the most part, everything just worked, but Mint is even better. For the first time ever I've got working graphics drivers on a Linux installation! Neither Ubuntu or PCLinuxOS have ever achieved this, and I tried them both on this laptop before Mint turned up.

So thank you Mint for getting me mobile. I've always wondered what the point of having a laptop was if you already had a desktop, but sitting here in the girlfriend's flat in Hampshire typing away on my laptop, with all my email set up and all my bookmarks already there on Firefox, I can definitely see the appeal.

To Mint. Long may it last.

And it's pretty.

And just so the post isn't completely irrelevant, I won't be taking part in the big garden birdwatch today because the girlfriend doesn't have a garden, but the plan is to head over to Chichester and maybe take a wander down to the harbour, so I'll be keeping my eyes open. Here's hoping for lots of lovely gulls to sift through.

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