Sunday, 24 January 2010

Pre-rehearsal birding

Had a band rehearsal during the best part of the day today, so I had a quick walk round Harrow Lodge seeing as I neglected it for Rainham yesterday. Good thing too, managed a few patch ticks picking out Common and Herring gulls from the big playing field out front. Still no Grey Wags down by the river this year, but a rather special appearance from our friendly Kingfisher

I saw the usual flash of blue, and was pleasantly surprised when it pulled up, spread its wings and settled on a bush not 20 yards away from me on the riverbank. This was my first ever 'perching' view of Kingfisher and it's long overdue. The little stunner just sat there while I gawped, and even stayed still long enough for an attempt at digi-binning, a delicate operation at the best of times. And a year tick into the bargain. Awesome.

Definitely a record shot. I don't care though, the view was stunning

And as a little added bonus, I pulled up at the rehearsal studio at half one and was joined just minutes later by fellow band members who pointed me at a hole in the hedge to a field in which they'd seen a Yellow-Legged Gull on the way up. It was helpfully standing next to a Black Headed, so the difference in size and colouring was nice and obvious.

And the rehearsal wasn't shite. So there.


  1. No the rehearsal wasn't shite.
    Jealous of your kingfisher by the way, im still suspicious of whether they are just myth to be honest...

  2. Come to Harrow Lodge at some point, bring the boy if you like. We can take a picnic (read 'beer') and camp out by the river. I've seen it there a couple of times now and it's showed well for both of them.