Monday, 11 January 2010

The patch list begins

But not very well. A couple of birdwatching circuits round Harrow Lodge on Saturday turned into a huge dog walk through the park and right over the back of Dagenham chase. It was a good walk, but dogs arn't too conducive to birds. However, I managed to add almost all the usual lake wildfowl to the list, including a few Pochard which are a bit more unusual, which is a pretty good start. Next time I'm over there it'll be for a proper sift through the gulls. That was going to be Sunday's job but I got... distracted. How can they make the plot so good and the actual code so bad? Curse Lucasarts and their insistence on rushing the job to coincide with the films.

So the Harrow Lodge list is now on 16, which is a pathetic total and should be doubled without too much effort. The only vaguely interesting thing I saw was a Jay next to the main lake. If these turn up in the park they're usually tucked away in the trees over the river, and usually I see them over Rainham Road in Dagenham chase. Anyway, the wildfowl were all packed down the unfrozen end of the lake.

We have a LOT of Swans, all of them Mute.

Harrow Lodge was followed by Dagenham Chase, where not much else happened. Very quiet over there, though I did get to add Fieldfare to the list (like pretty much everyone else on the blogosphere over last weekend). I even got a photo but it's appalling. The camera was out for pictures of the dogs rather the birds so I was using the wide angle lens, and even if I'd thought the bird would sit still long enough for a lens change, it was snowing pretty hard.

So instead of birds over Dagenham chase, have some dogs. They're cuter anyway.

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