Sunday, 3 January 2010

New year means new luck

Off to a storming start in 2010 with 2 lifers over the last 3 days. Had a Red Kite on New Year's day just outside Basingstoke where it actually landed in a tree in the girlfriend's sister's garden! But it was properly wary and disappeared soon afterwards, so not an escape. Probably one of the introduced birds, but they breed here so I'm having it.

Then today, a Bullfinch in the Girlfriend's folks' driveway seen from the living room window. First glance was at a distance through some branches so I noted it down as a Robin based on the bright red breast, but something kept nagging me about it. A minute later it turned around to reveal a big white patch on its rump. ID was confirmed, and realising it had been clocked and hiding was now pointless, it moved a bit closer and sat on the fringes of a bush giving superb views.

And I hadn't even been out birding properly yet. My year list so far is 20. That means 10% of all bird species seen this year are life ticks. Not a statistic I'll hold onto for long, but a happy one to start the year.

Some photos from a brief walk on New Year's day will appear shortly.

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