Friday, 8 January 2010

Extended Christmas

I have received a late present from the missus. I always like late presents.

It is full of dried Meal Worms, though the water section froze pretty soon after this was taken. Of course the dream would always be for some kind of Bento of my own, but at the moment I'd just be satisfied with a bird. Any bird. It's only been 3 days so far, and I know it can take a while. Maybe the cold weather will work in my favour here.


  1. Add some seed. They sift through the mealworms and chuck them over the side to reach the seed - none have been eaten at all.

  2. I miss Bento... maybe next spring...
    More luck since?
    I only put live mealworms, but the only birds interested in them at the moment are the starlings and they polish the lot off in one go! Though Droopy the robin (one of its wings drops a bit) does come and beg regularly for some at a neighbour's door.

  3. Nothing yet, but it's still the same dried Mealwoms in there at the moment, haven't had a chance to pick up any seed. Maybe adding a few live ones to the mix would help; we should have some downstairs that we feed to the lizards...