Saturday, 30 January 2010

Chichester Cathedral

Had a wander round Chichester but didn't get down to the harbour (might have set a record for time spent in Lakeland thought, "Oh it's got 3 floors? How nice..."). Loads of very noisy Herring gulls flying around the town and we managed to tempt out a wary but hungry Robin with shortbread crumbs in Cloisters. He can only have been a foot or two away, on the wall next to the table. He'd scoop up the small crumbs with one eye on me and the missus, and then grab a big bit and dash off into the bush next to us.

No pictures of birds, but I did have the old Kodak with me so did the touristy thing and snapped a couple of the cathedral. Forgot how easy it is to overexpose stuff on the old point and shoot things, but GIMP to the rescue:

Nothing quite like monochrome for eking out a bit more contrast.

Anyone actually manage to do the garden birdwatch today?

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