Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bye bye habitat

Wandered over to the Tower of London yesterday lunchtime to find my patch closed, and this rather worrying sight sitting just inside the gates:

O noes!

We don't have much habitat round by Tower Bridge to attract the more nervous passerines, and the big trees make up most of what we do have, so it was with great anxiety that I walked through the gates today. I let out a sigh of relief when I saw most of the trees still up, but one was not so fortunate. Cut down in his prime. Mourn him, we shall not see his like again.

This will be some kind of quaint hand carved bench by the end of the month, mark my words.

So what Monday lacked in passer, it made up for in Larus. 5 Common gulls skulking around on the west side of the Riverboat pier, along with the obligatory Black-headeds. Today was back to normal, with confirmed sightings of a Blue Tit, a Great Tit and 2 Goldfinches, though my gut tells me there were half a dozen or so of those flitting about and hiding behind branches and the like. Gull action was supplemented by a sleeping LBB on the covered walkway.

Regular Tit/Finch sightings by the Tower? I have a horrible germ of hope beginning to grow re: the Tower Bridge patch this year. It is evil and must be crushed - that way madness lies.


  1. You can get arrested for taking photos like that you know...

  2. Don't worry, I diguised myself by wearing a balaclava and speaking with a foreign accent. No one will suspect a thing.

  3. Barn Owl guaranteed in Essex at Roll's Farm, Tollesbury. Do you know where that is? You can also get GND and Slav etc on the Blackwater Estuary. Brilliant site in winter. Freezing. I also know a good site in the Lea Valley.

  4. I don't but I can find it. Got a Satnav for christmas for exactly this reason.

    Wonder how the girlfriend would fancy a trip to Maldon...