Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sketchy things

Inspired by the recent spate of bird drawings being published by the likes of Messrs Lethbridge and Simpson, I dug my pencils out from the bottom of the drawer for the first time in years and decided to have a go. I've never had the patience for the kind of precision needed to do pencil drawings such as you might find in the aforementioned blogs, but I used to enjoy knocking together a quick sketch.

There's a sound argument that drawing a bird helps with identification as it makes you look more closely at the features and proportions. I can't say I've ever had ID problems with the below, but I can see how it would work with the many LBJs, where you're looking at primary projections and similar.

And so, armed only with scrap paper, some pencils and Google image search, I have sketched the following:

For a first attempt in years I'm quite happy with it. Proportions are good, pose is alright, and I wasn't allowed to use a rubber as otherwise I'd never have finished it so stray pencil lines can be safely ignored. I always used to try and draw an outline first and then fill it in. Having read a couple of books I realise now that this is stupid, so I used the proper 'draw two ovals and join them up' technique. Much better.

The plan is to get to a stage where I can start playing with watercolouring them. There should be some more appearing at some point.

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