Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Quiet times in the City

You don't hear much about it these days, but I'm still working the Tower Bridge patch of the Thames as often as I can at lunchtimes. Despite stupidly high water levels over the last couple of days, nothing of interest has turned up. Nothing. Not a bloody sausage. The regular host of several hundred Black Headed Gulls haven't harboured any Meds (or even Commons), and rarely even a Lesser Black Back these days just to break up the sea of pale grey.

As for Passerines... well, maybe a demonstration is the best way of getting this across:

It's a shame, because earlier this month things were looking up. Last week a Male House Sparrow showed up and stood on a bush singing for almost 15 minutes - very loud, very healthy looking. He was the first for over a month and no sign of him since. He was accompanied by a very smart Male Blackbird creeping about next to the hedgerows scavenging for crumbs. In fact, the week before that a small flock of 8 or so Goldfinches turned up and started hanging about at the very top of one of the mature trees. That's a first at the Tower for me, and quite a good inner London bird to boot. Again, vanished without a trace into the ether.

I'm still fighting through the miserable weather to get there, but am getting close to a "don't know why I bother" phase. I know, youngsters these days, no commitment. I'm working from home tomorrow, but I'd like to put in a small plea to the birding gods - if you could see your way clear to throwing something interesting at the Tower between 12-14:00 hours on Thursday it would be much appreciated. I'm not fussy, it doesn't need to be Firecrests. Maybe a Wren. Or a Robin. I've seen them both before, I know it can happen. Just please, anything but Pigeons, Starlings, Coots, Carrion Crows and bloody Black Headed Gulls!

Weather permitting, the plan is a trip out from the girlfriend's to Pulborough Brooks this Saturday. That should keep me going for a few more weeks.

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