Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Mystery Gull contest

I was just having a look through the weekend's photos from when I happened across this little fellow captured on the slack over Dagenham Chase:

Originally I took the photo because I wanted a closer look at the Gull on the left. That reddish breast isn't an artifact of the photograph, it was obvious through binculars and more than passing strange. Hoever, notwithstanding the possibility of some kind of weird drug fuelled fling resulting in a Black Headed Gull x Robin hybrid, I'm forced to conclude that it's probably just been sitting in a puddle of red stuff - probably on a tip somewhere.

However the gull to his right is much more interesting, because he doesn't look Black Headed at all. My money's on Common, any takers? A patch tick hangs in the balance.

The photo has already been cropped down to a fraction of its size and then blown up to about 200% in GIMP so it doesn't get any better than this I'm afraid.


  1. What, no push for ring-billed? Southend isn't THAT far away... ;-)

  2. No.

    I mean, yes, if you can point out just a couple of salient features I might be moved to look into it (read: post it on birdforum) but mainly no.

    I have a tub of mealworms I'm using for the window feeder, which the blue tits have finally found.

    Anyway, tonight I learnt that tub of mealworms + loose lid + swingy curtains = OH GOD NO WHAT AHH SHIT

  3. Easily a Common. Definitely not a RBG. No way.

  4. Just to clarify, the ring bill bit was me taking the pee slightly. I'm not THAT desperate for rarities. Still sniggering about the mealworms though :-)