Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The magic that is "Keyword Analysis"

Not much exciting birdwise at the Tower today, though for some reason someone seems to have added some lights to the Crossbill habitat. Perhaps so you can see the birds in the dark? Anyway, quiet days on the bird front means un-bird related posts. You can probably stop reading now.

One of my favourite things about the stat tracking software on my blog is the "Keyword Analysis". Most of the time this is mainly useful to see who's hit your blog while searching for porn but occasionally other amusing combinations of words turn up. It certainly gives you some insight into the mentality of these people. I've circled my favourite:

I'm not Lee Evans biggest fan - I can safely say I disapprove of his apparent birdwatching philosophy - and at times in the past his name has cropped up in a post, but I don't believe I've ever called him an idiot on these pages.

I also particularly like 'london bees riverboat'.

If you keep a blog (or any website) and you haven't yet discovered this feature, I thoroughly recommend it. Particularly if you occasionally like to slip potential porn keywords into posts to catch unwary trawlers (only for the most hardcore (and I mean seriously anal) bloggers) red handed. Go find the statcounter link somewhere at the bottom of the right hand menu and give it a click. It's a whole new world.

And as a cool little added bonus, you also get one of these.


  1. Your blog seems to neglect the southern hemisphere somewhat. And Russia. Must try harder...

  2. Implying anyone in the southern hemisphere or Russia has money enough to get online... hahahah...