Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Birding gods are mighty

Following my plea to the Birding gods, and not wishing to anger them by asking for something and then not bothering to look, I took a stroll down to Tower Bridge today not really expecting anything much.

And surprisingly, the Birding gods delivered. Nothing truly spectacular perhaps, but there were undeniably birds at the Tower, and some of them were undeniably not on the list of commons I was ranting about before.

Got off to a good start when I arrived at the riverside just in time to see and hear a Pied Wagtail heading full pelt in the other direction, and a quick scan of the usual flock of Black Headeds on the riverboat walkway showed up a Lesser Black Back settled down for a snooze. Feeling heartened, and deciding that the Birding gods are no respecters of weakness and are most likely to help those who help themselves, I took a wander round a long neglected part of my patch - St Katherine's docks.

Crossing the lock gate I heard a machine gun chattering in one of the trees and quickly hunted down the noisy Magpie. Believe it or not, that is a Patch Tick for Tower Bridge, taking me to a grand total of 28. Plea to Birding gods = well and truly answered. I will sacrifice Lee Evans to them in thanks if ever the opportunity presents itself.

On the docks themselves were a very pleasing pair of adult Tufted Ducks (m/f), 2 male Mallards and a Cormorant going fishing. The fine art gallery had also acquired a couple more nudie paintings that I could pretend not to be looking at as I walked past.

The highlight, however, was sitting in front of the Tower itself. The ways of the Birding gods are truly ineffable.

These industrious workers have clearly been tasked with creating some kind of Crossbill habitat right on my very patch! No other explanation could possibly make sense.

I can hardly wait!


  1. I am a big believer in the Birding Gods. This is a very heartening post.

  2. I hope that crossbill habitat works out for you. So far my windowledge-based redpoll/siskin/pine bunting habitat hasn't pulled in anything.

  3. I enjoy hearing about the birds in your part of the world. Thanks for the photos.

  4. Perhaps a SCIENCE post on what sacrifices provide the best chance of good birds is in order.

    I'm guessing from Thing's recent postings that apples are not very effective.