Monday, 9 November 2009


Busy busy, got about 15 minutes to write this before I spend another 48 hours away from the computer.

First off, Coal Tit in girlfriend's dad's garden on Saturday - awesome. Not the best view, but easily the best I've had so far. Didn't get to see the white patch on the back of the neck, which I'd like to get a decent look at in case the suspected Coal Tit ever comes back to my garden, but easily enough to identify it. Also had a second opinion in the form of the missus who was out there with me, and she has seen them before. Only about the second I've ever seen and I also got to catch an earful of song, so very happy with that.

Secondly, I took a LONG walk this lunchtime, went a considerable way down Cable Street and ended up in Shadwell area. There's a small allotment here, the front of which is full of trees, bushes, dead leaves and bird boxes. And Grey Squirrels. Saw at least 3 of those, along with 3 Blackbirds and a Blue Tit feeding off of berries in a tree overhanging the pavement. The best bit though was hearing a familiar high pitched nattering sound, and catching sight of a Goldfinch through the branches. Inner London tick right there - think I'll start keeping a generalised patchlist for the Tower Hamlets area. I've seen a couple of birds out and about now that arn;t close enough to count as Tower ticks, and it's definitely worth keeping a record.

Still struggling with phone video. I have purchased a USB cable and transferred the stuff across, but finding something that will let me play/edit it is another matter. It will be sorted, but have had a distinct lack of time on the computer this weekend.

Last but not least, I forked out some money for some bird listing software, because updating my HTML lists was too time consuming and I'd essentially stopped doing it. I also know now, after working with them for the last year and a bit, that relational databases are where it's at. Wasn't at all impressed at first, and I still think Jeff's Birding Database seems on a par in terms of functionality, but JBD doesn't let me add new locations properly. Having played with Tick List Pro I'm getting used to it now. It's not great, but so far it's better than the alternatives. Will post a better review when I've managed to get a decent number of records into it. Still time consuming to add them, but at least I'm just updating in one place, and I can include some extra detail.


  1. Never heard of this "Cole Tit"...

    I'm bored - I expect I'll ring you for a pint later...

  2. Duly edited, it was a bit rushed.

    Beer soon.