Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Norfolk, November 2009 - Day 2 of 3

This was the day when the missus and I used up our allocated share of 'weather-luck' for the rest of the year. The forecast was, frankly, horrible, and a quick chat with the lady in the Beans Boats ticket office (i.e. cottage front room) revealed that they'd actually stopped taking bookings and advised people not to turn up as they didn't think they'd be able to run the trip - it was all touch and go until Sunday morning. As it happened, the day was bright and sunny until about 2 minutes after we stepped off the boat. Now THAT's timing.

"Every year the Seals travelled from miles around to Blakeney Point and gathered on the beaches to witness the human spectacle as, for some inexplicable reason, the humans all packed themselves tightly onto floating trees and sailed round in little circles."

The Seal trip was considerably shorter this time round - there was no stopover on the point itself and the seals were gathered on a beach much closer to Morston than they were when we were here in May time. However, they did have one thing going for them that they didn't have in the spring. SEAL PUPS. I think I can let the pictures speak for themselves...

Not a pup





We saw some birds as well, but who cares, right? Redshank and Brent Geese can't compare with this.

And besides, the most exciting bird of the trip was yet to come...

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