Saturday, 14 November 2009

Corvid on the feeders?

Those of you hanging around London right now will know that it's pissing down here - high wind, torrential rain etc. Not conducive to birdwatching. But I've got my curtain open on the offchance as my room looks down onto the feeders, and if there's one thing that might drag birds out into the horrible weather it's food.

That's why I saw the Magpie perched on my fence flying over to a fat cake, which hangs in a cage, desperately hovering in midair while it tried to tear off a beakful, and then flying back to the fence to sit and stare at the feeder before trying again. Rinse and repeat 4 or 5 times before it finally gave up and flew away. With winds like this I am amazed that it even got close.

First time I've seen a Corvid trying for any of the feeders which are far too small for them to perch and feed. I can only assume it was getting desperate.

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  1. I quite often have magpies on my fat feeders, had at least 1 today, and last year at fledge time I had a whole crow family with 4 youngsters. But they're fairly easy for them to get to. Between them and the pigeons that's pretty much the only birds on them at the moment.