Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Abberton on Sunday

I've had two trips to Abberton now, and both of them have been brilliant.

Spoonbill doing Spoonbilling

I got ticks, I saw good birds that weren't ticks, and I got chauffered to a very nice pub in Maldon called the Blue Boar. Good birds, good food/drink and good company, what more can you ask from a day out?

Of course, tick birds for me are as scum underfoot to others - one of the few advantages of being new to the hobby are that life ticks are easy to come by, and every trip holds genuine hope. Take the above; first Spoonbill ever. Awesome. Other ticks for this trip included Goosander, Goldeneye and Spotted Redshank.

This was alongside the 120ish Golden Plover, 300ish Black Tailed Godwit, c40 Teal, 2 Pintail, 60ish Gadwall and single Ruff. Lots of other, more ordinary, stuff seen, but we did miss the Bewicks Swans and Smew seen the previous day. Smew is a winter target of mine, so I'll be following that particular story closely.

On the way back we stopped in Heybridge basin, which was good for 3 things: Tea, Golden Plovers and House Sparrow photos. Didn't get a picture of the Tea, but you're in luck with the rest.


The Plover were particularly impressive. There must have bee a flock of at least 3-4000 - photos just don't do it justice. Really got to see the golden colour in the twilight though, which was very very cool. A genuinely good day out even without the birdwatching, and one I'll be looking to repeat when I can.

Off to Norfolk with the missus this weekend, so there will be some birdwatching done but it won't be a crazy runaround like last May, just a relaxing long weekend during which I might happen across a reserve or two. I'll save the pressure birding for next year.


  1. So you worked out how to move/convert that video, finally? Well worth it, too. A video I'd be proud of, that :P

    Enjoy Norfolk.

  2. Yep. I have also learned that Windows Movie Maker is a godawful bit of software. What do you use?

  3. Why, Windows Movie Maker, of course. I used to have a crack/.iso for Adobe Wotsit (you know, the video one) but I can't be bothered to look it up from whatever dank recess it's hiding in on whatever switched off external I lost it on any more than I could be bothered to try and install it on vista once I found it. I think the clever thing to do would be to burn all my .isos to CD rather than mount them, and then this wouldn't be such a problem. Or I should organise my folders. It's a good thing the missus doesn't search through my filestructure, I think she'd have a heart attack.

    WMM does the job for me - can strip audio/add a stupid soundtrack, cut clips together, export to a usable format. I'm not looking for anything more, and frankly my standard of videos don't deserve anything more.

  4. Adobe Premier. That was it. I think.

  5. My company would have of course improved the trip. Maybe next time :)

    Hope you manage to get out to see the seals and avoid all the rain x