Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The importance of not being an idiot

Until about 5 minutes ago I thought I'd lost the charger for my Pentax battery, thus rendering a very expensive camera very useless. I have been persistent in this belief for about the last 2 weeks, and most peeved. The worst of it is that it has in fact been right under my nose the whole time, but every time I've looked at it my eyes have slid right off it, as though distracted by some kind of SEP field, and I've thought 'right that's the Kodak charger, where's the Pentax?'.

I just checked a drawer on the OTHER side of the room that I've looked through at least half a dozen times and found the Kodak charger in there. And apparently for 2 weeks I've not noticed that mysteriously there seems to be two of it.

So I can take pictures again, yay! And I was very kindly bought an ND filter for my birthday - pointless for bird photography, but should be fun to play with on the landscapes.

To celebrate, here are a couple from the archives, taken with the old Kodak on Ludshott Common in Hampshire in April 2007.

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