Monday, 19 October 2009

Houseplant update

No real bird related news. In the last week or two the only out-of-the-ordinary (i.e. not a Corvid, Black Headed/Lesser or Greater black backed gull, Pigeon or Starling) birds I've seen are a Wren and a couple of Robins. Winter both giveths and takeths away - if you can get out on a weekend the birds are fantastic, but there are no more birding walks before/after work because it's all gone dark.

So here are some pictures of my 2 houseplants, just to make my girlfriend jealous. You may remember that I was entrusted with a spider plant as an anniversary present some months back. That plant now, quite satisfyingly, outstrips the original by a long way and is a source of near inexhaustible bragging rights.

Spider Plant doing HUGE

It was joined shortly afterward by a friend, but the Umbrella tree experiment was a bit of a failure. It desperately needed repotting within a couple of weeks and got far too big for my desk, so it's been taken into protective custody downstairs with all the other monsters.

I still wanted a little desk plant, nothing too showy, so I took the missus along to B&Q to see what we could see. A quick look along the sale plants and we found a fairly unhappy looking Begonia. I took her word for it that it would recover perfectly given a bit of TLC and here is the result:

As you can see, my surfaces are covered in the clutter of the hopeless gadget-o-holic. And my desk faces South.

Apologies for the appalling image quality - the light bulb in my room is vastly underpowered.

I'm feeling quite green fingered these days. Will I get out next weekend and actually see some birds? I bloody well hope so.

I'll leave you with a question: Can juvenile Black Headed gulls have yellow bills/legs? Saw 2 gulls at the Tower of London today which were Black Headed in size and shape - they also had the browny juvenile plumage and the black dot behind the eye. The bill and legs though were bright yellow. As far as I'm aware Common Gulls don't have the black eye spot, and if there'd just been one of them I'd have shrugged it off as a probable BH mutation, but two of them standing next to eachother? I leave it to the wisdom of others.

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