Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Birthday things

Too much real life, not enough quality time with our feathered friends lately. Anyway, it was my birthday yesterday and some bird related presents were inevitable. In order of relevance:

This book is a bit good, and is really the only guide out there that covers this particular field. I highly recommend.

A Guernsey Sweater which will come in extremely useful when I get to test the above book in the field. I can confirm that it is extremely warm, and extremely itchy. Currently having a go at breaking it in.

All finished off with a rather nice Bowmore Single Malt, which will be quite useful for warming the cockles and the drowning of sorrows when I return wet and cold from a day's seawatching having seen naff all.

At some point I might get round to writing up that Dungeness trip.

In other news, I have given up on trying to put together my own listing tool and have downloaded Jeff's Birding Database. It's better than anything I'd have come up with, and does the job nicely.