Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Noar Hill

The wedding went well, apart from me getting lost and missing the ceremony. Still, got there for the important bit (as 'person the couple knew with the most expensive camera' I was 'unofficial reception photographer'). They were very nice about it all.

But you don't want to hear about that. You want to hear about birds. And I'm not going to tell you about them because, despite getting out to Noar Hill nature reserve on the Sunday, the missus and I didn't really see many birds at all. A couple of flyovers from a flock of 15 or so Goldfinches was the avian highlight. Not quite as impressive as Wikipedia would have you believe, but we weren't out for long.

However I did see some butterflies. Apparently, this site is quite well known for its many and interesting species. And would you believe it, they showed rather well even this late in the year. Several of each species were spotted, so I had my pick of the photographs. Speckled Wood were all over the place, as were some small blue butterflies (Common Blues by the look of the pics, male and female. Interesting to me, because they're the first I've seen, we mainly seem to get Hollies at Rainham). Also several Meadow Browns, though none of them were in the mood for posing.

A faded looking Speckled Wood

Female Common Blue

Note the distinct lack of small silver studs in the dots on the underside of the forewing, stopping this specimen from being the much more interesting Silver Studded Blue

As above but male, and better photographed

I just like bees, OK?

The landscape was the real star of the show though. Wildflowers everywhere, immense views over the fields surrounding the hill and just generally very pleasant to walk through. I'd like to do a winter return to see if the birds show a little better, but I think a spring visit next year is very much on the cards.

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