Saturday, 8 August 2009

Repotting success

A quick trip round B&Q for some pots and a short tutorial on how to pot things has resulted in a successful trans-plant. Ho ho ho. This almost certainly calls for a celebration, and I shall drink to its continued good health later tonight.

And while I was there, I purchsed the spider plant a friend.

Unfortunately it didn't have a label so I have no idea what it is. Any botanists out there wish to enlighten me?

My room is now greener and more spider mite free than it was this morning. I have achieved something with my day.


  1. I think you've got yourself an umbrella plant there.. They get massive, so glad you're honing your re-potting skills. I think this is the horticultural equivalent of when I bought a tench for my fish tank, after being assured they grow no bigger than a goldfish. Koi carp maybe...

  2. Oh dear. Well at least I'm prepared. Better get the secateurs in.