Thursday, 27 August 2009

Mothing a la National Express

I feel a bit geeky even posting this.

When coming back, on the last train and a few pints the worse, from a night out drinking with old school friends, all the cool kids spend their train journey throwing up/falling asleep. They don't even notice the Moth on the seat next to them. They certainly don't take pictures of it on the phone camera, attempt to look it up using their new phone-based internet connection and then, upon failing, get the moth book out when they arrive home at half midnight and refuse to sleep until they've identified it.

It won't surprise you to learn that I have never been one of the cool kids.

That is why I have a picture of a Setaceuos Hebrew Character on my blog. Actually let's face it, it's probably why I have a blog.

Half dead and spilling entrails over Parus's finger (he is as geeky as me, if not more so), but a Setaceuos Hebrew Character nonetheless

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