Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Insects Insects Insects

Everyone loves Insects. Just today I was thinking about how to attract a few more Bumblebees into the Garden when I saw this. Good old BBC.

Now I'm not particularly keen on having a full blown hive and, besides, next door have small children, so I wouldn't want to attract anything dangerous that they might try and put in their mouths in a peak of childish stupid, but a few tube bundles scattered about for the Mason bees wouldn't hurt anyone.

Of course wanting a few more bees leads to thoughts like 'well if I'm bring in some highly-pollonating flowers, I may as well include some more for the butterflies', and 'what would be really cool is a little ladybird tower to keep the aphids off' (we have one of these; as far as I'm aware no ladybird has ever set foot in it) and before you know it, you've redesigned the entire Garden to be some kind of insect haven.

I have had to work very hard to keep a sense of proportion. This wasn't helped by flicking through the little catalogue that came with this month's RSBP Birds magazine. 'Ooh a butterfly feeder, how cool would that be'. We only have one damn tree and it's already overloaded with bird feeders. We do not need a butterfly feeder.

So I'm scaling back a bit and thinking maybe a couple of bundles of dry twigs at the backs of the borders to act as insect hotels. Maybe try and talk the mother into putting in a couple of lavender bushes next time she digs over the garden (went to a wedding reception 2 weeks ago in the gardens of a stately home, and saw a line of lavender bushes coated in Bumblebees and Painted Ladies - it made an impression).

Apologies to Mr Lethbridge for the bandwagonnage. I've been composing this post in my head all afternoon, and didn't mean to steal his title. In fact, I'm off right now to read his post.

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